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Chuck Norris: One of the World’s Most Famous Martial Artists

Most of the world’s best known martial art actors are known for a particular role or movie that they took part in, which made them stand out. These personalities are a constant reminder of an enticing role they played in the film. Others are known for the sporting events they took part in.

Carlos Ray, best known as Chuck Norris, is an American artist who hails from Oklahoma. In the late 60s, Norris opened up Karate Studios and started his martial art teaching career. He taught many celebrities. In addition, Norris was a fierce competitor who participated in many tournaments and won many of these events. He later championed the opening of his own television shows after he was encouraged by one of his own students, Steve McQueen, to venture into acting and television.

Chuck Norris made an impact in the movie dubbed as ‘Return of the Dragon’, where he was playing alongside Bruce Lee. Movie audiences loved to watch him mete out swift justice to bad guys in films such as Forced Vengeance. He acted as a former prisoner of war who returned to free other soldiers.