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Decorating Your Dojo

Many people consider martial arts a great way to keep fit, learn how to defend themselves and socialize with other likeminded people. Parents encourage their children to learn some basic moves for these reasons. However, what if your love for one of the many martial art forms becomes a serious way of life and you create your own dojo as a place to practice at home? Decorating the space as a way to personalize it is very important.

Traditional Decoration

Traditionally, the decoration in a dojo is minimal. That way there are less distractions while concentrating on mastering it. Some will have wall art as a homage to a martial arts master or a motivational phrase. The area is intended to exude zen-like peacefulness. They are well loved and cared for spaces that emphasise a very spiritual nature.

To keep this zen-like calm the color scheme must remain neutral. Whites, creams and browns are often used. Wood is favored over concrete, stone or brick. Anything that evokes nature is preferred instead of styles that might jar the senses.

Contemporary Decoration

An easy way to decorate the dojo with a more contemporary style would be with the wall art. It can be personalized to your taste and does not have to stick with the traditional styles if that is not where your heart lies. It would be wise due to the nature of the space to keep the wall art as calming as possible. Desenio is one company which sells a wide range of wall art in a variety of styles. By looking at their website you are sure to find the perfect products to match your color scheme, style and surroundings. This will fully complement your home aesthetic.

Reflect Your Personality

The important thing is that the decor reflects your personality. This is your space to train and reflect and so it needs to be comforting to you. Set up a corner where you can sit and meditate. Maybe have something that can play soothing music while you practice your chosen martial art.

What Else Will I Need?

There are other things to consider when setting up a dojo at home. For example, a lightly padded floor might be a good idea. It will be more gentle on the body than hard floors would. Foam matting is a popular choice. It is also ideal flooring if children want to train as it will cushion the blow of their landing.

There are plenty of popular martial arts available. They include Tai Chi, Karate, Judo. No matter which one the person chooses it is a discipline that will be worth learning. It can help not just physically but mentally too. It is a great all round health booster.

Martial Arts Personalities