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Mixed Martial Arts

This type of sport is also known as cage fighting. The full-contact combat sport is based on grappling, ground fighting and striking. Various techniques from martial arts and other combat sports are used in this sport. The sport takes place in a Mixed Martial Arts Ring or an Octagon Cage. International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is the highest body that governs Mixed Martial Arts. The sport is played all over the world, and both genders participate in the sport. The contact sport is not yet recognised by the International Olympic Committee.


Mixed Martial Arts dates back to 648 BCE. This was when pankration was the combat sport in ancient Greece. The contest used boxing, street fighting and wrestling techniques. Kicking a downed opponent was allowed back then. Only eye-gouging and biting were not allowed at that time. A match came to an end when a fighter became unconscious or acknowledged defeat.

Pankration came to an end in 393 CE when the Roman emperor banned the Olympics. The style of fighting emerged again in Brazil in the 20th century. The sport rose again when the competition took place in 1993 in the United States. It was referred to as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The sport has gained many fans and promoters since then.


More than 100 promoters work to give mixed martial arts fighters a platform to showcase their skills. Some promotions help build new fighters, while others have both veterans and prospects.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is widely considered the best mixed martial arts promoter. This makes it have the best mixed martial arts fighters. Some of the best mixed martial arts promoters are Ultimate Fighting Champion(UFC), Bellator MMA, Absolute Championship Berkut(ACB), Fight Nights Global(FNG), ONE Championship, Rizin Fighting Federation (Rizin FF), Invicta FC, Pancrase, M-1 Global, Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), World Fighting Championship Akhmat (WFCA), Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW), Deep, Road Fighting Championship (Road FC) and Cage Warriors.

Rules and Regulations

Mixed martial arts rules state that participants should fight in a fenced area or a ring. Fighters should not wear headgear or shoes. Participants fight using fingerless gloves. Gouging, head butting, hair pulling, groin attacks and biting are not allowed in this sport. Violation of these rules may lead to the deduction of points or disqualification.