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Art of War Fighting Championship

This was a mixed martial arts promotion in Beijing, China. The fighting competition was first held on 6th November 2005 at Beijing Sports University. It was the first mixed martial arts competition to be held in China. The largest Art of War Fighting Championship competition took place on 23rd May 2009. Almost 6,000 fans attended the event. The event took place 15 times before it became defunct on 18th January 2016.


The competition took place in compliance with the Art of War Unified Rules System. This system allowed participants to use striking methods like stomps, elbows, knees to tread on a grounded opponent and soccer kicks. Some of the illegal actions in the competition were head butting, eye attacks, biting, pulling opponent’s hair, fish-hooking, groin attacks, throat strikes, pinching, attacking the spine and back of the head, attacking after the bell, using the elbow point to attack and spitting on an opponent.


Non-title fights consisted of a ten-minute round and a five-minute round. There was a two minutes break in between them. Title fights had three rounds. A two minutes break was given between the first and second round of title matches. A break of one minute was allowed between the second and the third session of the title matches.

Weight Divisions

The fighting competition used eight weight classes to arrange fights.

  • Lightweight- fighters weighing 60kg and below.
  • Super Lightweight- fighters between 60kg and 66kg.
  • Welterweight- participants between 66kg to 72 kg.
  • Super Welterweight- fighters between 72kg and 78 kg.
  • Middleweight- participants between 78 kg and 84kg.
  • Super Middleweight which had fighters between 84kg and 90kg.
  • Heavyweight- fighters between 90kg and 100 kg.
  • Super Heavyweight- fighters weighing over 100kg.